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Investing in Better Health Care

Axes' dedicated platform focuses on direct investments in the health care services sector.

A 2014 acquisition of a leading IVF Platform

The platform was launched in 2014 with the acquisition of UNICA, a leading fertility center in the Czech Republic.

Axes launched its Air Ambulance Platform in 2017

In 2017, Axes Health successfully acquired Skyservice Air Ambulance,


Axes' strategy is specifically based on long-term relationships through which the combination of asset management capabilities and development expertise, coupled with strategic partnerships, helps to support the growth of a given company in its own market in an international context.

Axes invests in established companies in Central Europe and North America, owned and controlled by individuals who are looking for an aligned partner to support the growth of their business.



$40m 2017 Consolidated Revenues
225 People Employed
2500 Number of patients per year
5 Countries Clinical operations
Targeted Partnership

Axes Healthcare’s strategy is to acquire operating businesses in the health care services sectors with a geographic focus on Central Europe and North-America. Axes provides institutional level project management and M&A expertise which allows the selling shareholders to (re)focus on the medical operations leaving administrative management and execution of growth opportunities to Axes.

Select Case Studies

Unica is a leading Czech IVF clinic with 20-year history, founded in Brno in the mid-90s. Axes and Montreal Medical International (MMI) jointly acquired a majority participation in 2014. Axes, in its role as operating partner, is responsible for executing on the growth strategy and recently drove the expansion of the Prague clinic which opened in June, 2017. Based on Unica’s clinical success and recognition amongst the international IVF community as a medical leader, Unica was invited to become a founding partner to an alliance of top-tier IVF clinics from North-America and Europe in 2017.

Axes was responsible for the entirety of the transaction management and execution, including the arrangement of acquisition financing.

SSAA is a key portfolio company of Axes Health since the 2017. SSAA is a global leader in the long-haul medical repatriation of patients through ambulance-adapted jet aircrafts. SSAA’s fleet includes 3 Bombardier Lear 45 airplanes. SSAA trains its medical team at McGill University in Montreal making SSAA the leader in health care management in this sector.

SSAA is present in Canada for over 25 years. Axes Health, after taking control of the company, is now expanding the fleet and its geographic footprint throughout Canada with plans to establish a European and US presence in the very near term. These expansion plans will establish SSAA to become the first critical repatriation Air Ambulance to be based on 2 continents operating the largest dedicated air ambulance fleet globally.

Axes was responsible for the entire transaction management including the structuring of complex acquisition financing from a variety of Senior and Export lenders.




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